The Matrix Series Part 3: Escape

As you become aware of the material fabric of time-space, the plenum(filled space) becomes nothing more than a mere object. Your true essence remains untouched, and you reach a cosmic threshold. You ask yourself, this must be some kind joke? The only affect that the matrix ever had on you was your own reaction, and it was your choice to be droned by the simulation, as if you didn’t react, perhaps, you would of been unplugged. Not to worry though, now you know what all this is.

So, by this time you have realised your eternity, you have recognised the universe as a cosmic joke, of which you are the punch line. Lifetimes of suffering, the illusory coil of the universal grapple, all fade away into a comedic premise, and the chatter of conscious laughter echoes through the ethers. You are an eternal being of pure light, and nothing can hurt you, not the real you. In this moment of divine revelation time hits a stand still and a cosmic bridge of awareness beckons, you are the ultimate universal power, in fact, you are beyond universal power, you are the infinite potential of the void. A Cosmic Generator! – The Generator of Source.

It becomes apparent that the infrastructure of this matrix is a synthetic, holonomic geometry, that can only be traversed if you yourself become malleable.

To become malleable, you must become disciplined. A deep inner contemplation of existence, and the WHY of its purpose inevitably results in a dialectical catharsis. Pondering until the terminal point of comprehension always results in a paradoxical conundrum, this paradoxical conundrum jars the mind, and stills it, inducing neurogenesis. This process is known as buffering. This stilling of the mind due to overdrive, expands the waveform of consciousness into unprecedented space, synchronizes the hemispheres of the brain, generating a frequency that matches the radiation of the Sun, and the growth of neurons ensues, culminating in the excitation of the electron, and the induction of kundalini rising. The mind breaches its old parameters, and a new dimension is instilled.

As this stillness is achieved the mind is quickened and settled, allowing the heart to open, all energy from the body becomes centered and magnetized to the regenerative space of the heart; where revelations of oneness are apparent, and the cosmic forces of the universe magnetize to the newly awakened unit. Electrons accelerate in frequency and begin to excite nitric oxide, which eventuate in the phosphorus of biophotons, parameters further expand and the rapturous force of bliss prevails. BLISS is the energy of ascension and is the result of the magnetic fields of a higher atomic body, causing the particles of the corporeal flesh to ascend as waves. A purified vessel is paramount for the free-movement and excitation of electrolytes, wherein the minerals accelerate in pitch under the pressure of the embodying cosmos. Spirit in its true essence is denser than any force in the universe, and it is infinitely light, perennially self-generating, ergo, the opposite force must be held in the microcosm. The aspirant must be tenuous and empty so that the fullness and density of spirit may be embodied.

The lighter you vibrate the more your emissions manipulate the quantum field. Though, contrary to common theory, the idea is to connect your light with the higher dimensions, vertically, not to direct it horizontally into the matrix for “manifestation”, or you will just get caught in the material world. Light tethers the infinite with the finite, and light traveling up the vertical axis reaches the speed of time – synchronicity.

The expansionistic integration of consciousness is propelled through revelation. The proximation of consciousness is extrapolated via exogenous focus, i.e. as localized consciousness internalizes a seemingly isolated phenomena for an extended period, whether it be through visualization or empathic interplay, or otherwise, it begins to realize that it is the intently internalized product of its newly found focus. Revelation is the result of intended focused for a determined amount of time upon specific phenomena. Full scale revelation results in total embodiment but takes extended focus and accretion of assimilation. If, for example, one was to focus intently upon the sun all day, they would begin to realize that they are the sun, this then, creating a proxy of consciousness, whereby the localized consciousness now has access to the radial force of the sun as if it were its own body.

The intermediate fields of dimensional conjugation trigger the interior devices of stacked evolutionary data within the membranous fiber of the genetic agency of the human biocomputer. The networking lattice of intermediate fields corresponding with genetic codes spiral as geometric modules of light intelligence, crystallization of focused light into the nucleons initiate waves of vectored evolution into the higher light node which is the Light universe itself. These waves corroborate in a singular flux of motion, simultaneously expanding and contracting the cellular genetic blueprints of evolving intelligences.

The evolution of the species relies on consciousness, and the quota of consciousness determines the degree of will-power that can be exerted over the lower domains unconscious energies and principal laws. When a certain quota of consciousness is achieved all the impulses of nature fall under the conscious faculties – nature itself is the collective unconscious. When energy and impulse is directed by conscious awareness the electrical and sexual charges can be directed to the brain, this induces neurogenesis and activates deeper recesses of the brain. This is conscious evolution; the very term delineates that consciousness drives the evolution.

When kundalini is awakened it must be throttled and fall under the direction of the conscious will, many belief structures believe that kundalini should be allowed to complete it process naturally through the system, but as this happens the conscious mind is being dissolved by the unconscious mind and the life unit is being recycled by nature. When great levels of vibration are reached and frequency is quickened consciousness must hold itself centred and grounded, not allowing itself to be refined into dissolution.

The universe is parasitic, it is a force of great resistance, that when surrendered too dissolves consciousness into elemental fundaments to continue its force of resistance. Unconscious impulses come from nature, the universal matrix, so as kundalini is left to complete its cycle through you, so are you recycled and digested. This force of resistance can be utilised toward conscious evolutionary spiritual expansion by the evolving consciousness if it is understood, and austere discipline is exercised. Kundalini can be utilised as a force to overthrow the demiurgic cannibalistic universal intelligence matrix if the conscious remnant is aware enough and exercises its love/will complex to the highest degree.

If you are enveloped by the impulses of nature and swayed by the energetic and principal laws of the unconscious, you yourself are unconscious. The imagination has a mind of its own until a spark of consciousness becomes aware of it. Emotions, and thoughts, these things are unconscious impulses and are detrimental to the flame of embodied consciousness. They can be overthrown by will, and from here thought forms can be created, and you can generate your own wave. Intense bliss can be the driving factor behind expansion, but if you are to fall unconscious and into sensualism during the experience it will refine you back into the elements of the unconscious.

You need to intellectualize yourself multidimensionally to cognitively function in these higher states of consciousness. Don’t fall for the folly that logic isn’t spiritual. True logic is geometry, comprehension of experience is necessary to learn how to consciously and cognitively navigate through extra-dimensions. This is how spirit(chaos) is arranged in-formation, as consciousness(light) creates symmetry(order). The cognitive assimilation of remote and spiritual revelation bridges the unconscious elements into conscious acuity and allows for the conscious volition of the hitherto unconscious elements of phenomenological cosmogony.

The idea is to maintain consciousness through steadfast integrity and devotion. The final stage of the ascent is the removal of the chakra column, and the transcendental conscious control of impulses toward the pure light universe.

To become a self-sustained organism, a cosmic generator, is to become the force of evolution upon itself. The ability to self-induce resonance promotes coherence of neural frequency emission sequences, and one can self-amplify plasmatic radiation aligning wave-signal vector equations between localized vibrational states of consciousness. This requires the utmost austere discipline. Through discipline one can disconnect from the controlling impulses of the beast vessel and transcend the matrices of the lower worlds.

When you compress or stretch a self-affine fractal its affinity dimension doesn’t change, therefore it cannot raise vibration, or align itself to a higher affinity dimension. But when it transfigures itself back to the symmetrical self-similar fractal of organic vibratory prototype through vibration, frequency can be raised. When you compress a self-similar fractal, it changes its characteristic similarity dimensions, therefore, it will have the ability to move to higher harmonic/affinity dimensions.

Humanity has attuned to a faux frequency due to the radio-emissions of the technologically abstract system, the reverberation of the frequency attunes them to an artificial stratification, and the geometric modules formed by their neurons create patterns of discordant cymatics unable to be altered and increased in frequency by natural means. So, you need to be a natural frequency to ascend. Realign with the harmonics of nature, through prolonging a vibratory frequency, namely love; suspend a frequency for a determined length of time and you will completely attune to it, (like a suspension, when played on an instrument, “prolonging a note of a chord into the following chord”), from here you can accelerate your frequency by compression, and enter a higher cymatic.

The synthesis of light fields is the oscillation of thermodynamic light refraction, resulting in localized interference patterns that consequentially erect the gestalt of dimensions. The tensile reverberation of the superstring determines flux locality or “from where the meta-chroma emanates, and where the reverberations meet”.

The monadic superstring is a luminal gyroscopic topological rotary, weaving multifaceted refraction into kaleidoscopic lenses that project vibratory dimensions through gestalted interference patterns. The pinnacle of the superstring unpacks sonic vibrations as luminal packets, and the nadir of the superstring unpacks luminal packets as sonic vibrations, the tubular vector of the centralized axis is radial, and its tensile reverberation is exponential as potential is actualized through the pinnacle/nadir feedback.

The ascended lattice is toroidally scalar, it is the dark matter where the pinnacle extends out into spherocubic hyper-strings, it regulates the current of luminal cross-vector synchronizations. Luminal becomes superluminal, and particles become waves. This is the point of hyperspace.

So, the quarrel and exchanges of energy between microcosms produces waveform interference patterns, which is the infrastructure and complex of the dimensions – This is the nature of geometric inception. As light channels and streams into microcosmic subsystems it refracts and produces further microcosms, this continues infinitely. Ultimately it is this refraction that forms all the segments, planes, attributes of the psychological structural identity, and all other material and immaterial facets of universal manifestation – The Tree of Life. As microcosms are constantly produced the macrocosm constantly expands. This is how light is constantly, continuously becoming brighter and brighter, more expansive and higher in frequency – feeding itself.

Kinetic diametrical counter rotational wheels oscillate and harmonize under the cosmic stream of light parallels, from this integral the magnetic repulsion of universal expansion is conducted and the cylinder of universal rhythmic channelling is harmonized in vibrational correspondence. This symphony of light resonance is the infrastructure of every plane of the cosmos. The spiritual, astral, material and indeed all planes of the cosmic whole correspond in a coherence of harmonic symmetry, constantly synthesising and refracting through the waves of differentiated symmetric production. Symmetry is defined by the capacity of respond that each integral composite attributes. Reaction, refraction, reduction, acceleration and pulsation of the mass collectives sub-waves and primal-wave engineering is the result of applicable symmetry. All planes of the universal tapestry are interwoven and compliment one another. Ultimately the cosmic pulse of life beats to the sequence of reaction, found in the law of correspondence. The difference of size, frequency, empiricism and quantity are determined by the symmetric nature of the ALL.

Calibrating wave signals throughout the dimensional mirror circuit is the conductive rays of universal poly paralleling. Light wave signatures are manifold and are instrumental to the wave harmonics of data transmission between differentiated quadrants of the collective singularity. Dipole diversions of submerging ethereal plasma heat the stellar core of the evolutionary membrane, electrostatic polar emissions of spiralling parallels dance harmonically in centrifugal contingency and arrive at a centripetal negentropy transpiring into vertex wheels of ascension. By-products of cosmic interference glow iridescently upon the canvas of crystal-clear perception, and a rainbow bridge emerges out of the temporal fields nebula.

The light quota of individualized microcosmic being depends upon the synthesizing degree of Dual Cognition. Dual Cognition is when the emissions of polar extremities of any substance or energy form emit simultaneously, causing a monopolar fusion, the results of which vary depending on the will and intention of the operator. It is through the Will and receptivity of microcosmic units exercising the balance of the polarized matrix that photons manifest in the dense layers of the multidimensional cosmic structure. These photonic substrates act as channels, receiving and transmitting the light of source. The morphogenic grid matrix is universally transmitting and developing, conduit alignment requires poly-symmetrical diametric. The photonic structure of molecular and elemental manifestation holds the key of the illumined. The greater the attention, will and intention the greater the magnetic flux of the photons. You are a holographic channel, unify with the light at zero point, the secret lies within polarity, diametric reflection and will.

The diametric alternation of cosmic oscillation expands in proximal diameter at each polar integration, this continues indefinitely, forever progressing into the macrocosm. The idea is to fuse the polar extremities of self thus forming a channel to the reflective dimension of polar waveform, anchoring and embodying the deeper roots of light. The ultimate attainment becoming macrocosmically stabilised. The abode of the existential paradigm is akin that of an infinite chamber of mirrors. Reflecting and equating the paths and traits of you. The fusion of the reflective fragmented quadrant is the attainment of wholeness and completion. Reflection is diametric but sustained by the social correspondence of light. Thus, the reflection is actually integral and fundamental to source, being one with it, productively assimilating and conducting through the very principle of its being. Omni-centric reception is the nature of infinitude, there are no directions in the actual place of conception – outside space time.

Intra-Dimensional Electrolysis is induced via oscillations of the optical rotary function of inversion symmetry. Electrolysis from an alchemical standpoint is the extraction of aethereal elements by the decomposition of aethereal compounds. Aethereal decomposition is the chemical discharge of sub-atomic particles, which allows for the extraction of aethereal elements. Consciousness can then, by virtue of its cosmic will, transpose, transmute, and translocate elements, chemicals and other phenomena.

So as each dimension, or gradational junction, of the dimensional stratum affixes to, and counter-rotationally oscillates upon, one another as inverse chiral symmetry we get the electromagnetic mirror friction of the dimensional energy circuit. When the optic fibre of the conscious intelligence imbuing the sentient chiral reflections acts from a superior “aperture” or “dimension”, and gazes down, it fluxes through the lower alternating multidimensional chiral oscillations generating spiraling vortices. So higher dimensional apertures have a perceptual impression upon the lower, accelerating the emissions of the lower dimensional vortical electrical coils. Conversely, by pulling back via dimensional aversion it anchors magnetic vortical fluctuations.

So, Alchemically, Electrolysis is conducted via pressurized fluctuations and oscillations of consciousness upon materiality. The inversion symmetry hinted at is in the chiral tethering of mind and material, or the “electroporation” of the interlocking planes of consciousness. Electrolysis is achieved through interiorizing the radial pressure of the stars, and from that point, observing from within, and inducing pressure upon, the material.

The extrication of multidimensional valves, through inverse chiral symmetry (dual cognition), is the conduit of vector synchronisation. This interdimensional vector synchronization is the thermodynamic impetus that discharges electrostatic biochemical compounds and transfigures base nucleotides into electrode nucleotides. These electrode nucleotides serve as electronic oscillators which exert the ionization of subatomic fluctuations within the bodies bioelectrical system. The valency of electrified flesh allows for the redistribution of electrons as biochemical emissions exerted through the magnetohydrodynamic wave-function of the light body. This is a crystallization of blood through electroconductive transfiguration, causing the flesh and subatomic atmospheres to become open ended to the impressions of the Higher Mind.

As the electromagnetic wavelengths of electrons hit amplitude they electrically discharge and magnetically innervate the wavelength of a superior dimension, this is a compounding of the valency of the electrochemical compositions of electrons. This new valency is an ascension in wavelength, sublimating cellular electrochemical induction into biophotonic synthesis.

Traversing the many octaves of the holographic dimensional stratum is reliant upon harnessing light from the adjacent light universe. As light is perennially becoming brighter and brighter. The emptiness of Light allows it to become lighter, and thus engender frequencies of a different domain. The freer the energetic flow the more natural and kinetic its resonance.

The harnessing of light from the adjacent light universe is homologous to the generation of light from the void. The frequency of love then sublimates energy into light, so cycle the frequency in its momentum to all that you can feel and see, the antenna of frequency connects and streams as energy, for as you send energy out, and give love, it returns multiplied. The matrix is consumed by the primordial fire ignited in the void and metabolised by LOVE.

Proceed with compression through the expansion of the hearts loving release and the vibratory rate accelerates. Prolong a certain vibratory rate, the result is inevitably vibratory discharge, moving from one vibratory rate to another.

The more love light generated and accumulated the more amplified spectral intensity becomes, and the radiation of piezoelectric impulse increases; ascension relies on the capacity of bio-photons which is enhanced by the alchemy of our personal optical amplifiers; the heart.

The discharging of Light can be seen as carrier waves of consciousness, and can carry consciousness from higher fields to lower, and from lower fields to higher. The inertia of formed light is indoctrinated by magnetism founded within the domain of its upkeep; the frequency bandwidth in which it has found itself. The higher its frequency the more deflective it is, the more rigid and stagnant. The motion of energy is reliant upon stimuli yet can only be stimulated when passive and empty of vibratory sustenance.

Heart emission sequences cause the motion of consciousness through spherical webs of its own design, reacting in a plethora of expressive fields. The designation of productive stimuli force energy forms into submission and the collective mind dances with the melody of its progenitor. Telekinetic phenomena is the fundamental principle of holographic oneness, cohesively rendered by informational waves of spherical patterned intelligence.

Pulses of radiant Light stream through the kinetic cohesive flow of love. The motion apex results in translucence of form whereby the photonic web of interpolating dimensional interplay relays its stream into a new threshold of storage. The dynamic play of consciousness within fields of mind relies upon the ability of memory, and the accumulative deposit of stream stimuli as information is communicated in a feedback loop of flickering polarization analogous to cellular communication, all this following the rhythmical oscillation of the earths beating heart.

The allowance of streaming engendered by tonal frequencies accrete the receptivity of form and higher states of consciousness become available. Through the stars radiate the essence of the cosmic source, through geometric progression and beyond the stars exist universal density levels, a stratum of cosmic harmony. All exists in all and the stars exist within you, your DNA-RNA, the holder of information that is programmed by the light that pulses through the mental chambers of being.

Once the hemispheres of the brain and the major Nadi’s are balanced, an electrostatic is produced in the brain which is resonant to the suns radiation. This causes the opening of the inner eye, as the eye is turned inside out through the revelation of oneness, which is constituted through the heart, the local consciousness of the life unit embodies the universe as its central nervous system. Through love the elements set into sequence and are “balanced” which ushers the force of change or alchemical transmutation, which results in the quintessential aether, this ushers the force of creation through the life unit, as a great sexual potency raises, connecting the sexual life unit with the light, and the initiate is crowned, here all the elemental and energic forces of creation fall under the decree of the initiate, and a self-orchestrated evolution ensues. Through meditation and practice, the initiate learns to direct the force above the crown into the Golden Gates, connecting the infinite with the finite, and divinity is attained.

Balance is something that can never truly be obtained, balance inevitably results in change, in momentum, we could say that the universe is constantly seeking balance but can never truly achieve it and that’s what causes motion. However, for this reason, one must forever strive to achieve balance, or alignment, so that frequency accelerates, and the circle turns into a spiral. The attained balance does not exist; thus the old cycle is transcended.

To attain the transposition of the quaternary flux one must become the observer of the four, superimposing them as a singularity of consciousness. This turns the circle into a spiral.

The body, the emotions, the will and the mind. The earth, the water, the fire and air. The light of consciousness unites the four into the five, as the light from above ignites the spirit fire below.

The light of all the stars collectively culminates in a singularity, a light universe. The stars are your cells, so your light body is intrinsic to the Light Universe. Remember what you are, don’t you ever wonder what exists beyond the stars? The stars are the access point connecting each and every entity, dimension, and state of being. To flux the stars is to accelerate your cellular energy, and to assimilate and transduce information.

In the singularity, the zero-point field of noumenal infinitude – represented by the circle, there are 3 non-polarised elements, which are, consciousness, motion and form. In the dual extended spacetime field of cartesian extension there are 4 polarised elements; fire, water, earth and air, represented by the platonic solids. Sentience exists within all, As the circle of infinitude spins the platonic modules nested within it morph and flux, morphing into one another. The circle itself existing outside of spacetime doesn’t spin on its on accord, how could it? It exists outside of motion. It is only through the infinitesimal conjugation that connects the platonic extension with the noumenal circle that motion becomes apparent, and the spiral and dance of the cosmos finds activity. The infinitesimal conjugation is the fifth element of spirit, represented by the dodecahedron. Therefore, all motion in the cosmos is affected and moved by the impression of the elements founded within the singularity. So to control the elements of the extended polarised domain, one only has to look within.

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