Dimensions in Detail: The 7th Dimension

The Seventh Dimension is the monadic superstring. Where parallel diametric cognition of energetic streaming is induced by a non-local centralised stream or nexus, it is also this nexus in which the streams are localised and coalesce, and, when in harmony evolve through spiralling dynamism. The seventh dimension is actually the first dimension to come into existence.

As the infinitesimal microcosm evolves through the perpetual emanation of the central axis, ever becoming the infinite macrocosm, the infinite macrocosm involutes ever becoming the infinitesimal microcosm. From above the macrocosm emanates all nested microcosms; each taking their turn topologically as pinnacle and nadir, and all in between, creating the spherical centralised axis of toroidal revolution. The topological revolution between the microcosm and macrocosm are the result of, and give rise to, the tensile reverberation of the monadic superstring.

Inside the circumference of the infinite circle is the plenum, a concentrically nested multidimensional light-field which consists of all the dimensions and worlds in existence. Every world and dimension has the same universal centre; the monadic superstring of the central axis. It is through the central axis that all worlds are accessed and traversed. It is up this concentric recursion of the central axis that the soul evolves.

The monad assimilates potential and projects it into actualisation as a plethora of rays, and each ray emanates as a plethora of sub-rays. Consciousness stringently localises as multiplicity through different rates and dimensions of the monadic superstring, the superstring itself reverberating under primordial tension, generating a plethora of refracting vibrational frequencies, causing the worlds and bodies to involute and discharge, topologically passing through themselves in concentric coercion.

Stemming throughout creation the monad feeds back the socialising microcosms informational stream in a cyclical transmission; the infinite circle. The microcosm and the macrocosm share the same centralised monadic lens; a transducing optical fibre that assimilates and projects information betwixt the comprehensive social complexes of cosmological fields and the noumena.

As the macrocosm scopes the microcosm, the microcosm becomes aware of the macrocosm, they interpenetrate and polymerize. The perturbations of reverse paralleling generates interference patterns, arranging the dynamic lattice of cosmic streaming. The macrocosm informs the microcosm and the microcosm externalises the macrocosm, such is the nature of the cosmic binary.

As the macrocosm emanates, microcosms spiral, accelerating and involuting, light is set into motion and energy is generated. The macrocosm shines brighter through microcosms as the trajectory of the spiral increases in momentum and energy is sublimated into light, the tether of the spiral strengthens, diamonds of light are formed and ascension beckons. The relationship between the macrocosmic and microcosmic can be summed up by this paradoxical reconciliation; it is the ubiquitous recursion of the non-localised central axis installing localisation within itself.”

The monadic seventh dimension radiates, as pure infinite light emanates. As a being evolves, facilitation of consciousness through the multidimensional mirror images of earth requires the assimilation of fractalized remnants into monistic holographic rebirth. As consciousness hits the 7th dimensions, it embodies the ultimate resonance, and becomes a catalyst for lower dimensional life forms to evolve.

Initiation begins within the supernal macrocosmic and is received by the microcosm as the macro becomes one with the micro. This convolution of aperture gifts the microcosm a unified field of perceptual relay whereby all energy is perceived openly and readily by the micro. This received macro faculty of unified perception is then enveloped by the micro which, like a drop from the ocean, falls back into its state of individuation bringing with it the intelligence of its macrocosmic embodiment experience. The microcosm now in a state of involution, retracts back into itself, albeit understanding the unifying sanctity of the heart, is able to perceive through an act of loving will that which constitutes the energetic macrocosmic mainframe of all supernal intelligence, and through labour is able to reform its internal spectrum to resonate with its higher embodied counterpart.

As the microcosm envelopes the macro it becomes actualized as it individuates itself again holding within it the potential of the macrocosmic forces. Such is the nature of propagation and the involutionary metric of the evolutionary seed of consciousness. The ladder of consciousness is rung by the involutionary metric of evolutionary potential, and by creating symmetry between the micro and macro potentials one becomes aligned and the “patient embodies the agent”. Through diligent purification the microcosm can align its resonance with its higher source.”

A centralised axis rotates a cosmophenomological spindle, and at each 90degree angular rotation refracts into a differentiated dimension. From the nadir at the lowest dimensional point, it creates particles, through a contrasting particularizing state of compression and stringent, then hits a 90degree angle, where the particles refract, and expand becoming universalized energy in the form of waves, as it reaches its terminal velocity of wave refraction at a 360degree angular rotation, it hits the vibratory synthesis of a unified temporal engagement, here waves and particles sublimate into pure collective information and vice versa. At the next angular rotation, information is sequenced and particularized through a universal lens and formatted accordingly, controlling the waves and particles of the preceding rotations. At the next angular rotation, we find the field of pure geometric intelligence synthesizing and orchestrating cymatic lenses that the preceding angular rotation utilizes for the formatting of information. And then we hit the next angular rotation, whereby the melodic symphony of harmonic sonics attribute wave signatures so that the geometric lenses can be focalized. Then we hit the pinnacle, a radial antenna that assimilates invisible light and distributes it down through the tubular spindle of universal dimensionality.

So as each dimension, or gradational junction, of the dimensional stratum affixes to, and counter-rotationally oscillates upon, one another as inverse chiral symmetry we get the electromagnetic mirror friction of the dimensional energy circuit. When the optic fibre of the conscious intelligence imbuing the sentient chiral reflections acts from a superior “aperture” or “dimension”, and gazes down, it fluxes through the lower alternating multidimensional chiral oscillations generating spiraling vortices. So higher dimensional apertures have a perceptual impression upon the lower, accelerating the emissions of the lower dimensional vortical electrical coils. Conversely, by pulling back via dimensional aversion it anchors magnetic vortical fluctuations.

The dimensions stack as superimposed chirality. As modular dimensional symmetry is attained chirality inverts, and when multidimensional superimposition interpolates and the dimensions affix there is a synergistic shift. This chirality and inverse symmetry is the infrastructure of the universal spiral, the mirroring of each layer inverse and symmetrical causes the spiral to manifest and creates the motion of cycles. When polarity copulates; when the outer-world and the inner-world agglutinates through revelation, a higher dimension is accessed. DNA is appended.

This is the nature of the Seventh Dimension. The ultimate resonance of the pure light “void”, reverberates through consciousness, transforming it into a catalyst that turns lower dimensional bodies holographic.

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