An Introduction to Insectoids

Insectoid’s have been outlined as another type of draconian entity with a militant directive, and a penchant for war and destruction. There are various types of insectoids, but again, as it is with all species, some are enlightened, while others not so much. Mantis beings usually exercise compassion for life, whereas the beetle and cockroach races appear to invariably hell spawn. Most of the insectoid being’s spawn from the respective star systems of Reticuli – namely Zeta; and Orion – namely Rigel 7 and Betelgeuse.

Grey Aliens – Insectoids

The infamous greys, an insectoid species from Zeta Reticuli destroyed their home planets warring amongst themselves, they mutilated their DNA with nuclear radiation and devastated their evolution. Zeta scientists come to our planet and abduct humans to study the intact human DNA. It appears as if the Zetas have a contract with our government which allows them free access to humans to conduct their experiments on. The technology that humans utilize, such as Apple, and Microsoft is from the Zeta Greys. There are different races of greys, the short bug eyed greys, such as that from the movie “Paul”, are insidious, and militant, they are under the hive control of Alpha Draconis. Whereas the tall greys, who have a slender almost stick-insect proportion, are wise and appear to wish no harm to humans.

Orion Beetle Insectoids

The Orion beetle people are noxious, and militant, they occupy planets of inferno, and are distasteful to say the least. They are a military hive of vampiric draconian antagonists, and they wish for the destruction of the Human. They hallow out human bodies and puppet the carcass, and proliferate via splitting their own entity, they do so through the infiltration of human astral bodies, where they lay larvae, and slowly erode the human consciousness.

Arachnid Insectoids

Arachnid beings are quite prevalent on the earth at this time. They telepathically connect to the central nervous system of humans, and puppet the bodies, they seem to be less militant but HIGHLY VAMPIRIC, they have a tendency to mentally fascinate and hypnotize humans through the unconscious mind. The infamous succubus and incubus are arachnid species, termed “demons” through mythology, rock spiders!

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