Magical Warfare 101

As one ascends they do so through the astral, mental and archetypal planes, through the octaves of the dimensions into higher worlds, the astral plane is essentially seen as a battlefield between the dark and light forces, it is like a game of chess, so you must play it as such.

Everything that comes into being begins at the archetypal plane as a pure potentiality that through association becomes a possibility, then a probability, and then finally an actuality. The archetypal plane is the domain of pure idea in its immaterial artistic subtlety.

The actualization of the archetypal idea comes into manifestation through the driving will of the focusing consciousness, from that state of pure potentiality, down through compression and frequency, through the mental, and astral planes, into the physical. The quality of Will is the active agent in all manifest forms of magical attack, (see; The Cosmic Quality of Will), the manipulation of frequency is dependent upon the cosmic will of the agent, and when applied the will manifests accordingly to the victims frequency. All attack is a stagnation of energy, a depression of frequency that results in heavy energies, this heavy energy assimilates the archetypes being projected, and since the nature of energy is cyclical, the archetype cycles around the mental plane of the victim, harvesting the forces and elements of the entire system, the victim is left in a type of compartmentalized recurrence, whereby consciousness becomes trapped entirely in the mind, following the pattern of information held in the archetype enforced.

It becomes apparent here, that Will, that unifying spirit that pervades the ALL, is the same Will that resides in every one of us, my will, is your will, and it is the fabric of Consciousness in its original state; I WILL, I AM, I WILL WHAT I AM. Therefore, all frequencies that you are harbouring, all thought forms and projections that are affecting you, are actually yours to do with as you please. If you can will your frequency higher than the agents, all energy and information becomes yours.

Spells and curses take on life forms, obviously, as the universe is made up of different expressions of consciousness, so essentially a spell will take on the guise of an entity, witch or demon, whatever it may be, that will try to force your consciousness into the mind, so you are forced to play out the spell. A break up spell will invariably be experienced as an entity eating away at the sacral and heart chakras, a cyclical recurrence, that follows the moon cycle. Since these chakras are compromised the experiencing individual is forced to enter the trajectory of mind.

So spells and curses may be rid through extracting it as an entity through the naval. But also by channelling the projected thought forms through the heart, transforming the essence into love. It should be noted here, that if you love your adversary more than they hate you, you actually gain complete control over them, all their energies, mind and even their body, though you fall into telepathic interplay with them, it can feel overwhelming.

A sorcerer will always strip your Juju(prana, vitality etc.) and fill you with sticky heavy energy, essentially its a depression of frequency, the juju he has stripped and taken from you will be used to fuel the spell, and the hucha(heavy sticky energy) projected in your aura he will manipulate either by spell craft or vampirism, or both. Now, if he infused your stripped essence onto a parchment and wrote a spell say, one effecting your love life, you would see an ethereal scroll implanted in your sacral chakra, they would of possibly used some poison herbs in the ink, so that when you try to remove the scroll etherically you get sick. Your head will usually become filled with negative thoughts about those who love you, and who are trying to help you, your perception of what was once good shifts to black, and that was once positive becomes nefarious.

Darts, daggers, spears, swords, all these things are found scattered through the light body after attacks, the nature of light and darkness come into effect here. As you channel energy, say if you threw a dagger, it starts as an intention that intention is an idea that takes on an archetypal image that you then project with your will, as the light shoots through space, it collects all the darkness of its surroundings and becomes energetically actualized, it sucks the darkness, compresses and becomes crystallized, when it hits the targets aura it utilizes the darkness in the aura to become a crystalline form and stagnates the energy system.

When you are one with the infinite circle of spirit, all energies and spells, all projections and attacks, they just flow straight through you. If you do become stagnant, then, become fluid, become the fulcrum in the situation, through love release yourself from the mental entrapment, move into the heart and eat the energies. Don’t react, don’t apply any more will to the attack than the attacker already has, just become the wind. As soon as you react you have lost, reaction is a web of entrapment, just assimilate the energy into a beneficial frequency.

During my years as a Quaker i have become familiar with certain lines of force that open up during geomancy, and shamanic journeying. These lines of force become apparent during ceremonies and sometimes rituals, there are three different types, two of these types are horizontal, one blue, one red, the red lines guide the spirit into warfare and should be avoided, the blue lines are the lines of least resistance. There is also a vertical leyline that streams down from above, white in its emanation, this is a very special line that takes you to a certain heavenly plane, more accurately the earths higher heavens just on the peripheral of the earths ozone.

To Neutralise Curses and Spells.
A curse is an electrical charge which once located can be neutralised by earthing
. Really it is just a highly charged, cycling, thought form embroiled in the intentions and impression of the sorcerer. A curse in itself manifests as an entity, a sentient parasitical virus that possesses the accursed, the entity looks identical to the accursed and so it should as it is an electrical charge enveloped within the bio-electrical nervous system of the patient.

Really a curse could be seen as an electric shock sent from agent to patient, which streams accumulative energy, intent and nefarious spirits into the neuronal conductor of the patient; a pitch in which the accursed begins to emit. A curse usually will be felt with a prick in the upper butt and hip, or fingers and toes.

All energy cycles, a curse cycles in a twisted tapered psychedelic spiral pulling the accursed downward through matrices of SIX; thus the terminology “Hex”, as a hex is a hexagram – a structured thought form designed to integrate fully into the corporeal brain of the human bio-computer, the “666“. And so it is that sorcerers will use the number six three times while in conversation with you to cast a hex; the threefold hexagonal vortexijah, this acting as a gateway to a witchcraft morphic field. This can result in total transubstantiation, insanity, death and illness. If you see the 666 sequence it is quite possible someone just hexed you. When a hex has been put on your relationship for example, when you and your significant other interact you will see the 666 sequence, as a hexagram has been cast around you – remember that all in the creation and thoughtforms are geometric modules.

Essentially a festering shadow is a playground for the propagation of curses, and as long as the shadow remains so does the curse. A curse is met with density, it becomes heavier and heavier until it overthrows the system, drowning the consciousness. The heavy energy has been termed “Hacha”, this heavy, chaotic, sticky energy can be fed to Pachamama, it can be fed to allies and nature spirits, they love it. Once the Hacha has been removed the curse can be identified, and becomes “loose” and lighter, it can then be earthed and neutralised fully.
A spell on the other hand is the overthrowing of another’s will by the desire of the agent – a bicameral manipulation of the poles to generate waves within the victim – the manifestation of vector currents, respectively. Honestly with spells, its just about common sense, virtue and will power, spells are mental, and a strong Will and centre cannot be overthrown by another’s desire. However if the desire is already existent within you, you become a sitting duck.

Spells are a funny thing, they are more just like taking a hit of LSD or something. If somebody casts a spell on you, and it fails and is revealed it becomes a hex, however if you don’t react and just observe it returns to the sender. A spell needs to be revealed, which can be achieved through meditation, crystal gazing or entheogenic substances, once revealed a nice salt bath is ample to remove the surfaced material. A simple mantra such as “This energy does not belong to me return to sender” works fine, as long as it has been revealed and your able to meditate and hold your centre.

All curses and hexes, spells and entities can be removed out through the sacral chakra, pulled out like an implant, they usually appear as some kind of bionic spider snake, when removed it needs to be cast into a portal of some kind, or through the merakaba.
The Supreme sound A-U-M, stands as the root of all language. The First letter “A” is the mother-sound, being the natural sound uttered by every creature when the throat is open. The last letter “M”, spoken by closing the lips, terminates all articulation. As one carries the sound from the throat to the lips, it passes through the sound “U”. These three sounds therefore cover the whole field of possible articulate sound. The mother-sound AUM is all language in one hymn, for this reason chanting AUM for 30 minutes a day for 30 days is enough to break all “Spells” one may have present.

When it comes to generational curses and greater forms of magic you can perform the sacred work of cosmic alchemy, when the elements are all balanced and active any stagnated heavy energy is recycled back into the elements it came from. Really at the end of the day, its all about shifting your vibration.

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