An Introduction to Reptilians

Reptilians have such a bad reputation. From militant psychopathic monsters to sexually deranged vampires, and all in-between, and while there is some truth to this, it should be considered that there are many different forms of reptilian life. And certain reptilians may in fact be our ancestors.

The very noxious and aggressively dispositioned human antagonists of the Alpha Draconian breed are a reptilian warring consciousness that consist of animalistic tendency, megalomaniacal Machiavellianism and low vibrational quality. The functions of the reptilian brainstem, “fight, feed, fuck, flight” expressively delineates their disposition. They are a monarchial species, and class themselves based on traits. ADs are usually GREEN.

Winged Draconian’s with long tales are considered the highest of class, they are royalty, also termed “archons”. The longer the tail the higher up on the scale. Reptilians without wings or even a tail are warrior class, and they embody a physical strength much greater than us humans. These beings are MENTAL, and function purely through the mind. They operate through a hive mind, and clusters of reptilians stemming from the same star system or planet could be termed a “HIVE”.

The Alpha Draconian’s fight souls from the body from the fourth dimensions and puppet human vessels. They view human souls as food, and we are nothing more than that to them. They are on a mission of conquest from their respective hive, to divide and conquer, so to consume the solar nectar of Christ races. They can be very, very large, up to 500ft but their size shouldn’t scare you, as your love energy is much more powerful than them. In fact, love radiance makes them retreat and fall ill. They feed on fear and doubt and rely on your ignorance to insidiously spawn their way into your life. They lay eggs in the ovaries of human females, and nest inside astral bodies.

The “Royal Family” call themselves “blue bloods” because they believe they are the direct descendants or the purest “hybrid” of the alpha draconians.

If you are dealing with a reptilian infestation or attack please consult our Xenmos Specialists.

There are other reptilian races, who are benevolent, and are working toward the ascension of their hive. The hollow planet terra/earth houses a red reptilian species, they live underneath the pyramids, in underground dwellings, and appear on the surface of the planet at certain times to initiate humans into the secrets of magic and spiritual TRUTH. These beings may appear unnerving to our mammalian brain, but they have pure intentions and trigger an ancient memory within us. These serpentine beings appear more bipedal than the noxious alpha draconian’s and represent the evolutionary energy of KUNDALINI.

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