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An Introduction to Insectoids

Insectoid’s have been outlined as another type of draconian entity with a militant directive, and a penchant for war and destruction. There are various types of insectoids, but again, as...

An Introduction to Reptilians

Reptilians have such a bad reputation. From militant psychopathic monsters to sexually deranged vampires, and all in-between, and while there is some truth to this, it should be considered that...

Magical Warfare 101

As one ascends they do so through the astral, mental and archetypal planes, through the octaves of the dimensions into higher worlds, the astral plane is essentially seen as a...

Dark Entities – an explanation from a multidimensional, metaphysical perspective

That uneasy feeling of not being alone in a dark room; the goosebumps on your neck as you walk down a creepy corridor; violent nightmares; strange sounds or bumps in...

What is Sacred Geometry?

Sacred Geometry is the pattern in which energy organises itself. From the very simplistic basis of mind, complexity arises, and all different forms are produced, in other words this “complexity”...

Dimensions in Detail: The 8th Dimension

The 8th dimension is the hyper-atomic, supra-sonic, ultra-crystalline super-matrix. Where individuality is taken to a whole new level. It is the universal self, the hyper-individual. In this field particularisation meets...

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Launching soon – online events covering everything from the multiple dimensions we can experience, cleansing, true human history, the state of Earth and more.

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