Dimensional Fundamentals

Dimensional Genesis

The infinite monadic point, outside of time-space, known as the primordial emanation, expands into the seven directions (north, east, south, west, above, below, and centre), and thus derives the septenary dimensions, creating expansive space, these dimensions magnetise to one another generating a spherical traction, and the first sphere of genesis appears; the infinite circle. As the first sphere of genesis becomes aware of itself, and gazes into itself, it automatically replicates itself, and generates another sphere. This is the primordial distinction, which is the polarisation of primordial emanation.

The primordial distinction could be seen as a trinity, as two poles synthesize and generate electricity, geometrically spatialized as a triangle, which refracts pure invisible light into the visible chromatic-light spectrum. That is a polarisation of the seven into three, with seven being the non-local immaterial centre, and the other six dimensions becoming duplexes through polarisation and mirrored. Giving a total of thirteen dimensions, with septenary bodies.

Geometry is generated through the teleological vectors administered by consciousness, and from one arises the law of seven, the three is derived from seven and then from seven, three is derived, and so on ad infinitum. This is the concentric model of geometric progression. From the seven directions of expansion arise the seven hermetic principles (Mentalism, Correspondence, Vibration, Polarity, Rhythm, Cause and Effect, and Gender). From the three points of polarisation arise the three types of light:

  1. Pure Light; undifferentiated consciousness – Spirit
  2. Infinite Light; intensified consciousness – Will
  3. Limitless Light; emanating consciousness – Creation.

The polarisation of the three into seven, gives rise to the four worlds, and elements:

  1. Archetypal – Fire.
  2. Astral – Water.
  3. Mental – Air.
  4. Physical – Earth.

All of which are simply different vibrational rates of spirit – the fifth element. Archetypes are ideas, that are felt and expressed into life through the waters of emotional movement in the astral plane, are then animated by the imaginative formation of the mental plane, and finally solidify into concrete form in the physical activity of the earth. This progression is simply the cosmic will compressing spirit essence into different rates of vibratory substrate. Impulse transfers archetypal images, and action solidifies.

Dimensions Overview

Inside the circumference of the infinite circle is the plenum, a concentrically nested multidimensional light-field which consists of all the dimensions and worlds in existence. Every world and dimension has the same universal centre; the monadic superstring of the central axis. It is through the central axis that all worlds are accessed and traversed. It is up this concentric recursion of the central axis that the soul evolves.

There are eighteen dimensions, consisting of 12 mirror dimensions, one monadic superstring dimension, and 5 harmonic dimensions, within each of the eight universes. For a total of one hundred and forty-four dimensions, with each dimension consisting of octaves known as planes, the eighth octave being the first overtone of the succeeding dimension.

The five harmonic dimensions correspond with the vibratory synthesis generated between the mirror dimensions. 1-6 8-13. and the monadic superstring is the seventh dimension and doesn’t resonate, but is “ultimate resonance”, of the ZPF (zero point field).

The dimensions follow the dynamics of crystallography, that is inversion symmetry (how reflections, reflect the opposite, left is right, etc). And binary scale, that is, from the 3rd to 4th you will experience chirality. Once the dimension above the fourth is reached then inverse chiral symmetry is produced. Inverse chiral symmetry assembles through the accordance of the golden-ratios. The golden ratio spirals around a binary.

The 13th dimension mirrors the 1st, the 12 dimension mirrors the 2nd, the 11 dimension mirrors the 3rd, and so on and so fourth. The dimensions are angles of light refraction, which are in constant gyration, that are just degrees on a circle; the infinite circle. This is why energy spirals.

The multi-dimensional activities interpolate, viz, each density, dimension, plane and kingdom colours the next, they blend graciously into one another, forming the snake scales and the ladder of evolutionary ascent. The dimensions all create one another. Your chakras are your DNA, and your DNA is the dimensions, thus the spiralling double-helix.

The worlds and planes of existence themselves could be conceived of as spheres of information, or morphic fields. When your consciousness has done a full 360° rotation around one sphere it integrates that plane of information in its entirety, then as consciousness reaches its terminal point of integration, the axis accretes and ascends to the next plane, where it continues its spiralling process of accumulation. When the aperture of consciousness has entirely enveloped the circumference of 360°, energy from the next plane up streams through the central axis… Then becoming greater than the sum of its parts, through an acceleration of its axis, connects to a higher morphic field and begins its assimilation, and the process continues.

DNA is the externalisation of mind, and mind is the medium of consciousness, and space is the medium of mind. A full 360° rotation of the sphere of a dimension, activates a strand of DNA to 100%. For example, as a consciousness saturates the 4th dimension in its entirety, the 4th DNA strand is consummated, and consciousness stations itself in the fifth dimension and begins activation of the fifth DNA strand, and consciousness can move freely through the fourth dimension.

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