Dimensions in Detail: The 5th Dimension

The 5th dimension is the unified field, where space and time culminates in a singularity, as the boundaries that once insulated energy into individuated sentience dissipates, compressing energy into a singular point of collective vibrational dispersion. The centre becomes non-local, and limitless membranes communicate instantaneously in a simultaneity of resonance. Free-range hyper-electronic wavefunctions concentrically scintillate, and consciousness travels around the circumference of its membrane at infinite speed; no time.

5D is the piezoelectric electrostatic of the electromagnetic fields, as energy and information is localised and ordered through the magnetic temporal formatting of the 4th dimension, 5D is the totality of synthetic information. The 5th dimension comprises discharged electronic waveforms, a biophotonic wave technology. A dimension of manifest scalar overlap where fields of the frequency domain synthesize and accretion occurs, ushering light in a type of cosmic telekinetic relay.

Likened to a crystalline tether of reverberating coalescing spirals of light, where astral and physical meet, the 5th dimension is an interactive expanse, where crystalline structures of mental technology and cybernetic abilities are exercised. The 5th dimension is a more malleable yet crystalline world. Like a lucid dream with a physical foundation.

Though there are definite laws holding things in place, the laws are much more easily worked with, as telekinesis and telementation are the operant functions. The free range telepathic playground of 5D is conductive and electronic, bursting with the sonic generators of piezoelectric crystals! Many galactic civilizations interact on the 5d web, as it’s neutral synthesis allows almost any type of being domicile.

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