Dimensions in Detail: The 4th Dimension

The fourth dimension is a domain of magnetic fields. And, just as every other dimension, is comprised of an octave of planes. The lower fourth dimensional fields are pictographic, and purely symbolic. The lower fourth dimension appears to be somewhat solipsistic and deeply subjective, and only communicates with itself, like looking into a mirror. The fourth dimensional mirror communicates through reflection, in the language of the unconscious mind, which is symbols. The symbolism typically arises from emotional impulses. Like when you dream, your mind creates a subjective dream that interprets itself through symbolic allegory. As higher planes of the fourth dimension are anchored and accessed these dreams can incorporate the subjective material of the collective unconscious field, and this is where messages and telepathy spur into activity. The magnetic fields of the subjective mirrors of each individual attract the energy of other people’s subjective mirrors. The subjective form of fourth dimensional phenomena can be accounted for geometrically as the tesseract.

The fourth dimension is likened to a hall of mirrors, where information is dressed in symbolic archetypes that interact and are patterned into stories and timelines. Now the higher fourth dimension is what has been termed the astral plane, where archetypal figures are interacting in a somewhat free range environment. There are all types of crazy wildlife, like unicorn headed dragon lions, astral parasites you name it. Beings embodying higher fourth dimensional astral substrate are emanations of the imaginal realm and can shape shift freely.

Unfortunately the fourth dimension is occupied mostly by parasitical, unfeeling monsters. So as we have established the lower 4D is paracosmic, subjective emotionally charged symbolism, usually expressed in pictorial symbolism in the case of clairvoyance, or cinematic subjective dream time where the unconscious mind is trying to relay information to the conscious mind as a means of mental processing. Lower 4D is a singular mirror of the 3D, and is a magnetic field that assimilates the direct and subjective phenomena of ones immediate reality. The lower-middle 4D is collective magnetic mirrors reflecting one another, transmitting radiowaves of information across the etheric plane in radio-packets that are unpacked into images by the lense of the mirrors reflecting the recieved radiowaves.

The higher you are in 4D the more mirrors there are bouncing reflections off of one another, the more crystalline the fabric. As it is a mirror, or a hall of mirrors, initial observation of 4D from 3D, that is when the conscious mind is awake and operating in 3D, you will see 4D as inverse, meaning that if for example, your kitchen is on the left as you walk through your front door, it will appear to be on right when observing 4D. This inversion is cancelled out as higher planes are accessed.

The fourth dimension is the etheric into astral, keywords that we can associate with it are Magnetic, Emotional, PsychicAstral, Time, Synchronicity.

In the fourth dimension there is a hyper-focus of archetypal phenomena. All the contours of your face are emphasized. All features, colours, and patterns are enhanced. The fourth dimension is associated with time, it is a domain of hyper-geometry, and functions at the speed of time – synchronicity.

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