The Anunnaki & Man’s True Origins

The Anunnaki were originally the ‘gods’ of ancient Sumerians and Babylon. Anunnaki translates as “Those that from heaven came to earth”. According to the stone tablets found, the Anunnaki arrived on Earth around 450,000 years ago. They went on to create a primitive human they called Adama. Adama was a hybrid species between the Anunnaki and a native hominid species from earth. They later refined this being to create Homo Sapien.

The Anunnaki taught their human creations all manner of civilisation including brick homes, running water, bitumen (waterproof roofs), bread and beer making, law courts, schools, universities, police, courts, writing, artwork, agriculture and animal husbandry. The Sumerians thrived around 6,000 years ago then suddenly collapsed as fast as they sprung up.

In the modern era, new translations and research understand that the Anunnaki were flesh and blood beings originally from the planet Nibiru. This planet is also called Planet X, Planet 9, Wormwood, and Nemesis. Nibiru travels in a large elliptical orbit around our Sun and takes around 3,600 years to do one lap around our solar system.  

The ancient Sumerian texts were later retold in the Torah and Old Testament. Updated translations of these works make it very clear that humans interacted with these Anunnaki on a daily basis. New archaeological sites are being discovered regularly, and new information about the Anunnaki, their civilizations, structures and technology is being revealed. 

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