Metaphysical Medicine – Spiritual Healing

Metaphysicians accelerate your expansion, and mental developments, healing your life and reality. Rewiring your spiritual, mental and physical to the point of transcendent excellence.

Humans are multidimensional, existing in a myriad of dimensions simultaneously. As we break through the old paradigm and consciousness rises into new fields of experience, we gain access to another body of force, a radial force. This force is able to be harnessed by all of us, we are antennas for the cosmic rifts of multidimensional information and energy. If we can direct it in the right way, and anchor it properly we can achieve “miracles!”.

In metaphysical medicine we are not just healing the physical, mental, and etheric bodies, we are also assisting the force of conscious evolution, and reactivating those “spiritual” codes in your body, in your DNA, so that it can up-scale and assimilate healing light into every cell of the body!

Medical Metaphysics is an intra-dimensional radiation enterprise, employed via the streaming of radiation between magnetic fields and through wavevectors, viewing humans as an organic technology. It is a remote therapy with a tangible and experiential effect, it is an instrumentally ordained modality of energetic therapy. Think of the internet and WIFI Signals, we can transmit a certain frequency of signals, to anchor your neuronal channels onto a bandwidth that will allow you to operate at a certain level of speed, strength and focus etc.. The effects are real and desirable, tangible and explainable.

Homeostatic neurogenesis is the super-charged product of a multi-dimensionally aligned organic system. Higher Homeostasis is the bridging of higher domain frequency bandwidths with the synaptic bandwidths of your neurochemical biokinetics. Supercharge that synaptic firing through higher homeostasis and allow your capacitors to excel to the next level of excellence!! Laser like focus, unprecedented will-power, extinguished anxiety and depression, enhanced cognition at super-luminal levels, ANNIHILATION OF DISEASE, limitless potential of self-actualisation, enhanced psychic and IQ levels, all this is possible through homeostatic neurogenesis. In metaphysical medicine we create the right flash sequences in your DNA to produce the appropriate neurokinetic homeostasis that accommodates your unique goals of self-actualisation. Let us generate the homeostatic neurogenesis that will turn you into the super-human you have always aspired to be!

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