Paradigm Shift – Spiritual Awakening

Many “new age” religions speak of ascension waves that are bombarding the earths electromagnetic fields via coronal mass ejections. They believe that these waves are sparking a spiritual awakening in the masses. Which, isn’t entirely true. Yes, these waves are endorsing biological evolution, enhancing psychic bonds and producing chemical reactions, perhaps even bringing things and people together. Undoubtedly the schumann resonance of the planet is accelerating and opening up portals between dimensions. However, this is not typically what we would call spiritual awakening.

Spiritual awakening is beyond biological evolution, psychic phenomena, and dimensions. Spiritual awakening is something immaterial, it doesn’t endorse the nihilist ideologies of new age ascension paradigms. Spiritual awakening is laborious, it takes deep discipline, will power, and in many cases unprecedented suffering. Spiritual awakening is not about being “woke”, and political, or religious, or talking about aliens and magic, it is far beyond all of that. It usually entails a deep recognition that nothing is real, and to see the raw cutting edge of reality beyond perception, beyond good and evil. But as for the deep truth of it, one would never be able to put it into words.

Humanity is at the cusp of a grand cycle, a new beam has hit the planet, and the humans are to embody the energy without being crushed by it. The new world is being paved as we speak and there is no stopping it, love wins. A new telepathic civilization is dawning, which means a new political system and economy that satisfies the telepathic collective.

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