A multitude of psychic modalities exist in today’s world, from the tarot, to skrying, clairvoyance and mediumship. The consensus is that energy follows symbol, and a visible symbol appears as an invisible energy has format. The entire fabric of the world in which we occupy is made up of atoms communicating, these atoms transfer information through psychic phenomena.

Everybody and everything in the world is psychic, there are no “Gifts”, just the gift of life. it’s just people are trained to shut down their awareness of these invisible impulses. “Psychics” have simply just trained themselves to recognise the psychic communications, as information streams around the Web of Life.

Tarot, was initially used to read the psychological archetypes as they dance around the mind, and to provide information about the best avenue to take in order to achieve set goals. It was then, as any form of divination, was recognised that it could inform the querent of the subtle energies occupying the space of the world around them.

Skrying is the ability to close your eyes, or to stare into a reflection of a crystal ball, until symbols appear. Namely, planetary and astrological symbols typically arise, portraying a cinematic message to the observer.

Intuition, telepathy and clairvoyance, are all very common phenomena, and just as with everything in life, the more that they are utilised they stronger they become.

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