Karma is a cyclical formatting of appropriate energy portioned by the cosmos. Karma can cause energy to stagnate or flow, it is simply the law of cause and effect. Stagnation of energy leads to disease and is produced through attachment, judgement, envy, fear, hate, and guilt. Flow is produced through release, acceptance, generosity, love, joy and culpability. Positive actions lead to positive outcomes, and negative actions lead to negative outcomes.

To judge somebody is to take on their karma and stagnate the current, to love somebody unconditionally who has wronged you is to generate flow and send their energy back to them, allowing the karma to play itself out. Karma is a gift, a goddess, and is worshipped through right action. The more hatred we hold, the more we suffer.

Right cause for the right effect, all negative energy is returned through positive affirmation. The more you love, the higher the frequency, the quicker karma is returned to those who generated it, and the more potent the return, as KARMA CANNOT EXIST IN A FIELD OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

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