The Indigo Revolution

Indigos are destroying the old paradigm, bringing with them an unassailable technology. A Hyper-intelligent, multidimensional, technology of spirit fire consciousness. Bridging the dream-state theta with the higher cognitive gamma awareness, indigos are a catalytic collective brainwave of transcendence. Where shamanism meets science, in an elegant dance of telepathic communication, indigos represent the liberation of the true universal self, with all its divine abilities.

The free-radical ante-matter agents of the primordial fire, creating their own waves amidst the cosmic fields of coalescing vibrational waves. Indigos are evolutionary catalysts amongst the masses, free-range microcosmic batteries; cosmic generators. These beings are scaling the matrix, and purifying the current, spearheading the evolution of consciousness into unprecedented waters.

Delving into the world of multi-dimensional possibility, indigo’s are ushering in waves of information into the noopshere, buffering the entire consciousness of humanity. Indigos represent the potential of conscious ascension, the ability to consciously spear-head biological evolution, and the truth that we can do amazing things when we begin to understand our DNA.

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