New Age Deceptions

#1 “Just be the Light”

Spirituality is about being genuine, and becoming holy is about being whole. Spiritual endeavour isn’t about being positive and acting like your all love, infact that is toxic. True Spiritual Enlightenment is about embodying and accepting your own evil so you can harness control over it and master it, so it doesn’t unconsciously consume and override your affairs and endeavours. To face the deepest Evils of your imagination and not fall victim to the fear it inspires – that is true spiritual austere. A highly advanced soul can stand in the infernal pits of hell and not be effected. True light transcends the vision of those in the lower planes, as your light quota transcends to a higher field it would appear to others that you have disappeared into the darkness. True love isn’t forced, it is attained by stripping away all that fear and projection that constricts your immutable eternal essence.

#2 “Having Faith and Trusting the Universe”

The statement of trusting the universe is part of a control system, it causes one to misplace their will power; It strips one of their free will and creative abilities. It is analogous to not taking responsibility for your life. Sure, know that you are being looked after by Spirit but it is also necessary to recognise that you are a free will unit, and therefore have a choice and are responsible for the direction you go, the lower works with the higher and the higher with the lower. Having Faith is a colloquial term for trusting the process, for allowing something to play out the way it is supposed to, however, things will work out dependent on the way you react to them. How are you living an effective life if you are not engaging with the scenarios in your field and working to actualise your potential in every given situation. Having faith in this regard means looking to the future with hope and chance, therefore you are not grounded nor an active conscious player, this statement leads to unconsciousness as it takes you out of the moment and stops you from appreciating your life as it is and making the choices that lead to an outcome.

#3 “Give it all to God”

This very toxic statement is spiritual by passing at its finest. It denies the responsibly of sublating experience into wisdom, it strips away the beautiful transformative processes of pain and the wisdom gained through failure. It encourages weakness and strips one of their energy. 

#4 “Synchronicity and Divine Guidance”

Synchronicity is a phenomena of transmutation and an indicator that you are in control of your reality, it is not a guidance system but the result of manifestation. Synchronicity is the alignment of the multidimensional factors of your being. If you blindly follow it like you are being guided by some external force you forfeit the state of empowerment that you have achieved and again fall into unconsciousness. This is your reality, and spirit is your faculty so guide your self and spirit will bring it into actuality. You are not separate from the surroundings, the outer is the inner, synchronicity proves this sentiment and is the causality. Remember as Above so Below as Within so Without so become the consciousness of spirit that’s guiding the lower self, don’t just follow blindly because you need to also learn how to think for yourself. There is a Matrix at work and how do you know that’s not what’s guiding you, become lucid in this dream don’t let it control you, be the consciousness that guides the dream – that is the defintion of awakening.

5# “Killing the Ego”

THIS IS SILLY. The Ego should be fashioned and moulded to follow the impressions of the Self, the Ego when in alignment with the Self will follow the guidance of the self and exert with spiritual pursuit. To kill off the Ego is to put the unconscious as the seat of power, the Ego is the conscious mind. In fact, to try to kill off the Ego is to build Shadow – fundamentally that is how Shadow is built = Unconsciousness.

6# “Nothing can keep me from Consciousness”

This is an entirely untrue stance employed by the agents of the Endarkenment. It is actually disempowering as it negates the necessary labour required to develop will and consciousness. Mental hospitals are full of failed shamans, the refining process of alchemy can also refine consciousness down into unconsciousness if not executed properly. Moreover, your will power is a virtue of transcendence that frees consciousness from its carnal subjugation. Habitual patterns and addictions, being consumed by emotions and overdriving thoughts, these are all unconscious directives and impulses. Even developing habits of mediation and routines that you think are good are actually detrimental to free flowing consciousness, following programs really just forfeits consciousness. It is said that the desire body must be overcome in order for will to be free. Temptations are always apparent, but it is a highly developed Will that allows one to not succumb to such things(you can also experience temptations consciously, which leads to the same end)- which leads to consciousness. Also pollutants, especially heavy metals and mercury inhibits the flow of energy through the body and clogs the corporeal brain inhibiting consciousness from gleaming through the aperture of the individual, heavy metals single handedly inhibit ascension, infact chelation and having a clear vessel is a prerequisite to spiritual embodiment. Its paramount to have a clear vessel when interacting in highworlds. Different types of radiation also interfere with the patterns of consciousness and its evolutionary headway. There is a certain state of vibration that produces the cymatic that allows for ascension, this vibration is produced when you are out in nature without any connection to civilisation whatsoever, surrounded entirety by nature with no man-made construct in sight. The human mind and central nervous system enters its primal state, only from here can ascension occur, this is proven geometrically in mandelbrot fractals. 

7# “Relativity and Solipsism”

Relativity is the idea that reality is purely subjective, it is actually an absurd statement of science and completely contradicts quantum mechanics, it reduces the reality principle and all knowledge to ash. The universe and real universal time is synchronistic not relative. When one particle shifts its vibration, every other particle in the universe has to shift their vibration, though each particle is subjectively experiencing its own rate of frequency its rate is still contingent upon the rate of the other particles. Another way to look at this is 1+3 = 4 but 2+2 also = 4, though they are different equations and thus have a different subjective model they both result in 4 – which is the objective truth. The universe is both subjective and objective, we all have subjective experiences and perceptions that effect us and thus produces our individual reality but they are based on objective laws. While Solipsism is the philosophical idea that only one’s mind is sure to exist. As an epistemological position, solipsism holds that knowledge of anything outside one’s own mind is unsure; the external world and other minds cannot be known and might not exist outside the mind. This is actually a stance of extreme skepticism, it takes cartesian dualism to its extreme absurdity. Many new age spiritual schools endorse such a stance that you are God alone, this leads to a state of spiritual psychosis and megalomania. Though it is true we create our own reality we do so in the objective collective world. Solipsism is a fast track to selfishness, stripping one’s power from the beauty and truth that is all creation, it stagnates energy into a convolution and confuses the psychic senses. In solipsism you will hear phrases like “this is my journey,” and “you don’t exist if I don’t conceive of you”, such stances are detrimental to relationships, the truth is that this is our journey, complexes are the combinations of parts, and systems of complexes create energy forms and the objective field we all experience. New Age religion is Relativity and Solipsism mixed with Conspiracy and repackaged Christian commandments.

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