The Matrix Series Part 1: The Awakening

..So, you have realised? This is why you are here, on the quest for knowledge, for understanding. Something to give your humanity meaning. What does it all mean? HOW? WHY? Oh, how grand of an illusion you are exposing.

If you have come this far, you may have noticed that you are being digested by the very universe you were born into. You have been listlessly dreaming, in the belly of a demon, gazing into the eyes of a formidable intelligence that knows your every move. Your fragile humanity was designed to entrap and torment your eternal being, and you have been entranced by the hypnotic cycles and spirals of life, after life, after life; swallowed by the great unconscious and regurgitated into material form, just to be swallowed again, and again, and again, over, and over, and over. No one can understand your realisation, no one can hear your screams. You sound crazy and deranged, becoming mentally ostracized from your friends, family and society.

What are you? You are a slave, food, a mere puppet of impulse, who’s life has been directed by invisible forces that exist beyond the veil, beyond the view of your weakly material eyes. Your brain designed to be fragmented through trauma and driven by fear. Your very body a weak shell, a prison cell, inclined toward disease, malaise, and pain. Your entire humanity, the mind-body system that engrosses you, is nothing more than a series of firewalls to keep you trapped, controlled, and subservient. The very world around you, a hell of your own design. People frantically running around in survival mode, killing each for the scraps of decaying meat and toxins, desperately chasing pleasure and a way to numb themselves from something they don’t even understand. The foreboding mortality of your meaningless existence gazing back at you.

The harrowing depth of vexatious rumination does nothing but dig the rabbit hole deeper. Your mind has been poisoned, everything you have ever been told is a lie, and what’s worse is that you don’t know what exists outside of this place. What monster could design such a humanity? And how did you even get here? And how have you never even questioned how you got here in the first place?

Not only do you find that conspiracy culture is even more insidiously duplicitous and corrupt than surface control mechanisms, but the very content of spiritualism has become muddy water. The path is narrow, and no one but you, can help you. Perhaps, that is the craziest part of it all.

As the mind cracks, the veil drops, and a mental portal opens, the fourth dimension is accessed as you seek for worlds beyond the flesh, and here your astral senses are activated. The corporations, religions, schools, and all industry are realised as the adversary. And then you realise, the fourth dimension is a surrogate field sheathing the physical world, and appears to be comprised of vituperative vampires, duplicitous demons, and maniacal murders monsters, and now they are aware that you are now aware. Once the cosmic egg of the physical world is cracked, these resistant forces attack and try to inhibit you from entering the higher worlds.

And as the days go on, it hits you! All those around you, the unconscious masses, your loved ones, your best friend, are all in a state of subjugated control, a demonic possession consumes them, they are remotely controlled by the artificial demon of the matrix.

You are being subjugated from all sides, and they are watching your every move. They want to poison you with frequencies, with food, and sex, to keep you dumbed down and suggestive. They want your mind, soul and body, just as they have your friends, family, and coworkers. It’s time to become REAL. Those who are not conscious of the simulation are being simulated. It takes a cosmic shock to awaken spirit within the vessel. The multitudes are the grovelling slaves of a narcissistic system that endeavours to destroy and own them.

And on your quest for like-minded individuals, the discernment between friends and foes becomes exponentially difficult. Those who appear to be on the same path as you, prove to be sentient shells, without a consciousness of their own; Mere portals, that, like a jack in the box, spring what appears to be cosmic set ups on your endeavouring spirit.

Those demons hidden behind the veil control your matrix, and will seek to set you up – over and over again. Will you let them get you?

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