Dimensions in Detail: The 6th Dimension

The Sixth Dimension is formlessness. Its a field of pure energy. The material is of fluidic light; a tenuous vaporous electronic-plasma. Experienced as a series of incessant concentric waves, wavering as tessellating scintillations, that are modulated by consciousness.

Existing beyond archetypal conceptualization the Sixth Dimension could be understood as pure cosmic will, where pressurized fluctuations of vortexijah are impressed through the impulses of awareness.

This is not to say that individual sentience’s do not exist in this dimension. It is from here that all the motion and magical energy is harnessed. It is the dimension of cosmic realisation.

The Sixth Dimension is the field of Paradise. Here information is ubiquitously centralised, what could be defined as “infinite information”, “an all knowing database”. It is an eternal fountain of knowledge, a blissful spring of omniscience, a powerful infinite range of omnipotence. It is OMNI.

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