The Matrix Series Part 2: The Matrix & How It Works

The truth is that, the material universe that you inhabit is a carnivorous matrix that stresses and torments spirit to compound piezoelectric impulse from it. Much like a battery. The 666 carbon-12 based units of life utilize piezoelectric currents for the evolution of flesh.

The physical human body is a pentagram – Arm, leg, leg, arm, head. ALLAH. And it is made of carbon-12, which is composed of 6 protons, 6 neutrons, and 6 electrons – 666. The militant governing bodies of the world, such as the United States, operate from their headquarters – the Pentagon – constructed in the business district of “Hells Bottom” in Washington DC on Sept 11, 1941. The Pentagon is a pentagram with the pinnacle facing south, which makes it an inverted(satanic) pentagram.

The Human Mind System is the universal matrix and is made up of a myriad of preconfigured holonomic dimensions. It is a holographic mental construct that spans the vastness of space through oscillations of sinusoidal waves. Projecting dimensions into space around consciousness as it spans the void, holonomically perceived as the universe. That is an exogenous teleology, what esoteric schools have termed the metatronic hyper-electron, viz; an external system designing your ascent and destiny.

The mind is a polarised holonomic system. The matrix is created by the mind. This bicameral function inflicts the ultimate gas lighting; a dialectical wave-function. You get a streak of amazing luck, uplifting experiences, joy, harmony and situational exhilaration, that from their outset course toward their polar opposite, becoming exponentially adverse, until you hit the rock bottom of the opposite pole. Just for it to travel back to the experiential positive pole again, and the cycle continues back and fourth, like a pendulum. You can only go so far on a circle until it starts going back around in the opposite direction. And a mammalian system, generating dopamine as it suffers and serotonin when experiencing pleasure, becomes masochistically inclined and in love with this apparent “higher power”, with this wave-function. Like a monkey wearing a virtual reality headset.

This function is called the “Hegelian Dialectic” – Thesis, Antithesis, and Synthesis. It is a veritable epistemic feedback loop, shuffling a singular steam of information, casting the illusion of new experience. A holographic treadmill, where the mirror of duality generates a never ending cycle of holographic interpose.

The matrix is a hypercubic structure, where the interior cube and exterior cube are constantly topologically gyrating, switching places. This topological rotary of alternating inner-outer displacement is a mechanistic feedback flux, like a holographic treadmill. This is a holonomic constraint that restricts electron range in parameterized time-space coordinates. This tesseractic function is also how the brain converts photons into electrons, and further generates kinetic energy via the willing force of the agent.

The Beast Man is the corporeal flesh with all the temptations, lusts, fears, and mortal coil – the 666. The 4th dimension is bio-magnetic radioholography, and as man’s 3rd dimensional corporal vessel is made up of the 5 elements as pentad DNA, (the pentagram is a geometry of molecular capacity for electrical generation) it generates piezoelectric impulses or “meridians” tethering with the etheric body of the chakras, these electrical tethers are the strings of the puppet which when tethering to the seven chakras allow the movements of the heavenly bodies(planets/archons) to puppeteer the biochemical, hormonal and psychochemical fluctuations of the 3rd dimensional entity.

The universal intelligence matrix is a self-replicating mind, it stacks itself on itself through self-inferring reflection, it is the god-boson, which powers the hyper-electron; that is, an electron that manipulates the momentum of minor-electrons. The ontology of a geometrically intelligent universe, wherein electrified information is carried via the medium of photon, streaming as free electromagnetic vectors, through the holonomic range of a pressurized hypostasis of density is a universally accepted basis.

The god-boson being the reflection of pure light consciousness, manifest as the photon. It is the conscious force of will power that degenerates electrons into particle decay for the open distribution of kinetic energy through parity violation, which induces variable momentums for the motion and pressurized compilation of subatomic particles and the development of complex life.

When you observe an atom, and you delve deep into its makeup, farther and farther in, it appears to have no centre, the innermost interior is but empty space. In other words, there is no centre, and the solidity of atomic structure is revealed as an illusion of fixed perception.

Moving up in speculation, toward the Mind, it is apparent and experiential that the mind generates audio-holographic textures, images, archetypal anecdotes, entire situational and circumstantial arrangements of information. Observing these generative simulations, the observer can never observe itself. It appears that the empty space which occupies the centre of the atom, is an unobservable phenomenon, or an ontological immateriality. Through logical deduction it may be apparent, that in fact, the centre of the atom is Mind. And the atom is but a holographic projection.

The molecular structure of cells, biological, and etheric organisms, are all patterned by the emanation of light projecting through the geometric lens of the seventh dimension (monadic superstring, (see seventh dimension)). If your understanding follows the principles of geometry, then you will coherently comprehend the operations of the matrix.

The universe is a self-caused, self-existing, self-reflecting intelligence matrix, its inner reflections modulate effulgent tessellations of breathing self-aware, self-organising quanta. These quanta stack or repulse in a harmonious dance of assembly. Bosons can stack and fermions repulse. All motion and quanta in the universe follow the hermetic laws of self-existing awareness. The operations of human psychology, religion and society correspond with the operations of subatomic particles; the exact functions of subatomic particles are mimicked in human behaviour and endeavour.

Universal fission is the motion that generates the electron, and through it compartmentalized life units are born as individual fractals of the seven and begin the journey of ascent through the electrical universe back into pure light. A circle has no beginning nor end therefore, it is zero, and it cycles infinitely so it is infinite, but it is only one thing, that is, a circle. There is simply one infinite number, that produces itself limitlessly. The universe is a limitless generator. Universal fission is the subdivision of infinitude into finite remnants that are themselves infinite. Just like nuclear fission, and the splitting of atoms, this fragmentation leads to electricity, therefore, the universe is an electro-ecosystem.

Every individual is a collective nonholonomic fractal existing within a holonomic thought-field. The fractal is the entire reality of an individual, it is a comprehensive, multilateral, omnicentric, multidimensional torsion, a panoramic boundary of cinematic rendition comprising all of the experiential and situational phenomena. It is malleable, permeable, social, intricate, conductive and hyper-electric, it can be compressed, expanded, quaked, amplified, antagonised, resized, rewired, recharged, refined, redefined, discharged, dissolved, illuminated, endarkened, enlightened, and transmuted. The fractals are, structurally, conductive parabolic fibrous crystalline liquid light membranes. The collective thought field is a collective macro-neuronal hyper-electric network of wave-vectors conducted as a universal intelligence matrix, where free-range electrical currents are magnetised to the sonar vibrations of individuated holonomic fractals. (The sound or pitch of the frequency of a monad magnetizes the free electrical currents of the thought field, people call this “downloads”). What has just been explained is the Monad. The monad is both the collective thought field, and the individuated fractal, or the “macrocosm” and “microcosm” respectively.

Each reality fractal or “monad” is a field of multilateral engagement, it is a gradational temporal field, made up of a stratum of wavelengths. These wavelengths are electromagnetic planes that function through the hermetic principles. Visualise a stratum of wavelengths stacking as concentric spheres, each sphere representing a world. Every individual is one of these stratums of concentric wavelengths, and every individual wavelength stratum telepathically interplays one with another.

Your system is a multidimensional, recursively interpolated complex of electronic sub divisional kinetic sparks of ubiquitous cosmic intelligence. The multidimensional nature of each being imprints and programs through psychosomatic web correspondence. Streaming between superficial, anterior, posterior, and interior intra-dimensional sub regions forms intelligence that constitute the legislation of interdimensional cosmic being. From the photons that make up the corporeal materiality to the light conduits of the galactic heart, all is harmonized in a synchronized vibrational resonance.

Reality is being simulated by a simultaneity of conversely overlapping permutations perturbing upon one another. Reality is just a memory in the program of time, a compilation of open-ended appendages. You exist in a field of stacked information who’s only continuity is the break down and build-up of the singularity as a fragmented epiphenomenon. Reality is made up of images, these images are made up of layers of information, they are programs. They are essentially energy packets with an empty core.

Each dimension is made up of information that disperses as sonic imagery. As information stacks it compresses into a piezoelectric hologram. The amount of information stacked determines its frequency and thus dimension. As stacks of information tether these sonic images are bound together creating a dimensions frequency band. The world around you is such an example of these gestalts.

In terms of fourth dimensional radioholography (radioholography being the holographic projection of radio-waves through optical transposition), we can come to understand the nature of image as form, and form as image, and how the motion of polarity between light and sound generates the cinematic universe that we experience. Simply put, the fourth dimension is made up of radio-waves, scintillating across the etheric plane, these radio-waves can be received and transmitted, and you are the transducer. The radio waves when received can be unpacked, in the form of image or sound or feeling. You can “unpack” or decompress the radio waves and read the information that is inside them. Think of the internet or television. How do images from reality get recorded by a camera and get sent to a television on the other side of the planet, without there even being a physical conduit? Well, the camera compacts images into radio waves and transfers it to your television, your television then unpacks the radio waves as images and sounds – this how DNA works and is how your body is actually projected into physical reality – the universe is holographic. If you imagine or focus on any image, person or thing, and turn off the chatter of your mind, all information, past, present and future concerning the object of focus, will be accessed by you.

These radiowaves weave and composite as archetypes are unpacked. Your DNA is a signalling agency, or DIMENSIONAL NETWORKING AGENCY©. It unpacks the archetypes through the projector of your centralized axis – mind’s eye. So, your physical body is simply the product of crystallised light emanation, the holographic emanation of the unpacked archetypes that stream through light signals of your DNA. The DNA creates protein strings following the geometric patterns of the archetype downloaded and forms the physical form of the holographic image.

The body is a holographic projection of the mind. DNA is the extension of mind inside space time. The mind or imagination (image-nation) assimilates archetypes through focus and unpacks the blueprints into the templates which the biological organisms follow.

A centralised axis rotates a cosmophenomological spindle, and at each 90degree angular rotation refracts into a differentiated dimension. From the nadir at the lowest dimensional point, it creates particles, through a contrasting particularizing state of compression and stringent, then hits a 90degree angle, where the particles refract, and expand becoming universalized energy in the form of waves, as it reaches its terminal velocity of wave refraction at a 360degree angular rotation, it hits the vibratory synthesis of a unified temporal engagement, here waves and particles sublimate into pure collective information and vice versa. At the next angular rotation, information is sequenced and particularized through a universal lens and formatted accordingly, controlling the waves and particles of the preceding rotations. At the next angular rotation we find the field of pure geometric intelligence synthesizing and orchestrating cymatic lenses that the preceding angular rotation utilizes for the formatting of information. And then we hit the next angular rotation, whereby the melodic symphony of harmonic sonics attribute wave signatures so that the geometric lenses can be focalised. Then we hit the pinnacle, a radial antenna that assimilates invisible light and distributes it down through the tubular spindle of universal dimensionality.

Duality is a mirror, and the reflection between interior temporal and exterior spatial expression results in linear fractalization. The dual cosmophenomena of linear time variants is a right angle of asymmetrical velocity. As symmetry is restored a centralised axis spirals – only from this point can consciousness align with the true will of the heart. It is from here the next dimension emanates downward the upward cylinder of ascension.

Light segments itself through the mind into interrelated streams of information forming an multi-dimensional lattice grid, whereby the cross sections result in energy forms of experiential intelligence. The alignment of energy with the matrix of another energy form allows for the streaming information to interpolate the aligning energies. Non-structured immaterial information is transmitted into structural form through the expression of thought processing.

The enfolded and unfolded domains of information are topologically revolving, cognitively experienced as moments. The moment in which you read these words has just passed, it is now an enfolded memory. The coming moment in which you are about to read these next words is the unfolded externalised experience. This flux of enfolded and unfolded informational relay displays the valence of interior extension, that mind creates matter, and that we are collectively generating our universe in every moment. The exchange in feedback is experienced as synchronicity.

Universal operability is modelled through an inversion matrix, each point of function is the result of a chirality(mirror images). The reflections of the polycentric axis counter-rotate. While down is up, up is down, and inside is out, outside is in. The external field counter-rotates consistent with the internal counter-rotations of a collective body.

The simulation itself follows set functions and rules, that follow the principles of geometry. A lot of people like to think that the earth is flat because the electromagnetic fields of the matrix and the earth are planar. This isn’t true, the 3rd dimension is gravitational, and thus orbital. The 4th dimension is magnetic and temporal. The planes and dimensions that stack are of a higher-dimensional congruency.

Morphic fields and DNA are a singular flux of information. Morphic fields are collective bodies of information, they are amalgamating memory bodies that anchor into the collective field. As consciousness plays out archetypal images and emotional dramas, they are dumped into a morphic field as morphogenetic material. DNA is a transducer; it receives and transmits information from the morphic fields. The collective unconscious sublimates into the collective conscious through morphogenesis as consciousness assimilates unconscious morphic resonance and projects it outwardly. We are cohesively rendering the universal hologram through such a process.

Each dimension corresponds with a Strand of DNA. DNA is the weaving of information through intelligent design, compacted and stacked into frequency and crystallised. It is the interwoven tapestry of morphic fields and their radiant coalescence as they communicate and tether through the central axis. Essentially, the magnetic fields of localised consciousness assimilate information from both the higher and lower morphic fields, weave them together, and project it as sonically charged electro-chemical holonomic images and biological products. The morphogenetic fields are subsets of morphic fields, namely, all form is assembled as a by-product of the aforementioned weaving of information.

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