Dark Entities – an explanation from a multidimensional, metaphysical perspective

That uneasy feeling of not being alone in a dark room; the goosebumps on your neck as you walk down a creepy corridor; violent nightmares; strange sounds or bumps in the night… There are many different ways as humans we have experienced something strange and scary that while we cannot pinpoint what it is, on a certain deep level it can incite fear into even the most formidable grown man.

While many of these sensations may be easily dismissible, the short and honest truth is – sometimes they are precisely what we fear. Entities exist in multiple dimensions. Dive in below to learn a little more about some of the different types of entities you may experience in your lifetime.


In the case of TYPE 3 entities – Entities are sentience’s and parasitical expressions of cosmic fragments, they are phantom thoughts of the mental universe. They are the result of all types of rampant energic emission, like uncontrolled anger or lustful impulses that project out into the collective mind through the creative potential of humans. The imagination has a mind of its own, until will power comes into the equation and throttles the rampancy of imaginative quantum weirdness. These types of entities seek out similar energy impulses that they were created from. A succubus, which is a sexual parasite, will seek out highly lustful emissions that emanate from beings whom impulse the same energy from which the succubus was initially created. Humans who do not let go of the material world, and do not want to let go of relationships or possessions, project their essence out of the corporeal vessel as it dies, and remain in the atmosphere connecting to the living; feeding on the life force of healthy humans, many manifestations of energetic vampirism transpire from a defiance toward the disengagement of the physical world after death. Many people are inflicted by anxiety disorders succeeding the passing of a loved one, as their late husband or wife has not let go. There are also tormented spirits that haven’t been able to leave the earth as the trauma has trapped an aspect of the soul in the suffering that lead to their death – these are ghosts – they usually attach to someone in places of demise, like a graveyard or a hospital, or a house where there has been a horrific death. Ghosts seems to be memory remnants of traumatic impact embedded in the fabric of time.


In the Case of TYPE 2 entities – These entities have synthesised with the memory banks of the earths Noosphere(thought field). This entity type is comprised of fragments or remnants of cataclysms that affected past world systems. Many supernatural occurrences are the result of these fragmented soul aspects seeking union with a human body so they can ascend and reintegrate. Such archaic world systems such as Atlantis and Lumeria, that were hit by great cataclysms and major wars have left soul remnants cycling around the earths grids, their only hope for survival is the regeneration prompt in embodying a vessel that still has krystic DNA. So much of the recorded supernatural phenomena is Atlantean soul fragments seeking union with a composite shell so they can reassemble back together from their fragmented state.


In the case of TYPE 1 Entities – There are reports of individuals seeing demons and devils, reptilians and insectoid type astral assailants, as much as we would like to convey the fictitious stance of new age ideology, the simple fact of the matter is that, these entities are MURDEROUS, and they perceive your soul as food. Like a snake gazing at a mouse as prey, to them we are nothing more than that. These entities have the ability for full scale possession, and if they are trying to attack you, they may use unconscious humans around you to inflict the attacks. While it is true that any type of entity, say, a vampiric human soul who hasn’t let go of the material world, can cause anxiety, psychosis and panic… These darker type 1 entities exist in a field of fourth dimensional radial innervation, and can cause death, schizophrenia, mania, and leave you in a coma. Seek professional help either with one of our specialists or with someone you feel has the power and authority to banish them! Whilst it is necessary to stay in a state of love, it is also necessary to beam that love into the “darkness” as we reveal the agents of evil beyond the veil. DO NO TURN A BLIND EYE NOR BLIND YOURSELF WITH THE LIGHT. Such nefarious entities exist in invisible fields and radiate from other star systems and dimensions including but not limited too – DENEB, SIRIUS B, RIGEL 7, URSA MINOR, URSA MAJOR, REGIONS OF ORION, ALPHA DRACONIS, AND ZETA. Infernal beings, come through the fire element (fire elementals), such as those depicted in Christian theology, occupy volcanos and exist in the crust of the earth. Demons, Reptilians, Djinns, Negative ETS, all occupy human bodies – Remember this is a multidimensional war. Dark magicians will petition invisible forces in magical ritual and open stargates through sacrificial means and ceremonial magick.

Entities utilize bacterial and molecular geometric modules, this means that they use hyperspace portals (human DNA opens black holes) and utilize the molecular formations of pharmaceutical and ritualistic geometrical formations so they can anchor into the DNA of a human vessel.

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