What is Sacred Geometry?

Sacred Geometry is the pattern in which energy organises itself. From the very simplistic basis of mind, complexity arises, and all different forms are produced, in other words this “complexity” is geometry. Each and every geometric form resonates as a quality of consciousness. Through sacred geometry consciousness gleams and localises itself. Geometric forms are in continuous motion, and are interacting and affecting one another.

Geometric modules of higher dimensional density can expand the proximity of consciousness within corporeality. Neuroplasticity is directly affected by geometry, and certain geometric forms have the capacity to unlock hidden potentialities.

Even when a static geometric form is meditated upon, it begins to flux. Upon observing sacred geometric modules one can experience the modules “outlining themselves”* and unlocking a Pandora’s box of sorts. When a geometric form is observed and appears to outline itself and then disappears, turning into a psychedelic wormhole, deeper recesses of the brain have activated. Synaptic firing is triggered through geometric contemplation, and the expansion of consciousness ensues.

Sacred Geometry is the UR language. Consciousness utilises geometry to travel through space and time, and to locate itself, ergo, geometric forms are hyperspace portals. Telepathic intelligences can be seen to communicate through geometry, or at very least the outer appearance of the communication is observed as a geometric module.

Nothing escapes geometry, your feelings, your thoughts, your perception are all cymatic. Form is generated from the most simplistic to the most complex. Ascension relies on the generation of harmonic geometry, fractals must be self similar as in nature for ascension rifts to occur, i.e symmetry is paramount.

Gazing upon yourself from a higher dimension requires symmetry. The application of sacred geometry in the divine motion of consciousness is achieved through disciplinary acts, to become pure is to become symmetrical with the higher-self and to allow the higher to emanate unencumbered through the lower.

DNA is just geometric patterns, or shapes that interlock with each other, they flow in and out of one another, and different sequences of shapes create different hyper space portals that consciousness uses to configure itself In a certain dimension. When we change the configurations of shapes our consciousness enters different points of space through time.

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