Dimensions in Detail: The 8th Dimension

The 8th dimension is the hyper-atomic, supra-sonic, ultra-crystalline super-matrix. Where individuality is taken to a whole new level. It is the universal self, the hyper-individual. In this field particularisation meets its extremity as universal convocation. A universal awareness appears to control particularised intelligences like a joy stick, yet both universal and particular are working as a singular agent.

The optics appear to be multifaceted, multicentric, and fourth person. Sonic resonance reverberates as an octave, and appears stacked. Sounds are bionic like an electrical voice. There is no temperature, but an impassive intensity. Electro-plasmic crystal-holographic hyperbolic-paraboloidal membranes are hyper-spatially fixed and are perhaps universal data banks. The fabric appears as a plasmic meshing of golden electronic liquid light.

Warring intelligences skirmish across this soundscape. The 8th dimension appears to exist only in what could be expressed as another universe, not affixed to the modular design of this universal system. Reality is experienced as a pure simulation and matrix-quality is intensified.

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