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Jack Jafayehl

Source Healer Inc Seichem,Reiki, Mentor/Teacher, Soul Path & DNA Activator, Meditation Facilitator , Alchemist.

I began like many alternative healing practitioners in Vibrational Medicine in the world of Reiki and didn’t stop there but added the modality of Sei chem, I learned how to activate the Chi/Ki energy known as Rei – Universal Ki – Energy after a life long series of personal experiences and went on the journey to where I am now as a qualified alternative healer , starting from a young age and went through life having insights of a other worldly nature and in recent years through self mastery & development and study of our physical reality and non physical in all its layers, I learned what is possible to this point . As with many empaths drawing from energy that all express.

Although we are each having a unique journey we are the catalysts for a better world that starts from within , I love seeing people thrive and working with people personally in a one to one setting, as a healer/teacher/mentor i wanted to know how to Assist and serve the community/tribe/global family in a encompassing way and not only heal but empower the soul so that they will reach their heart and souls desire! Help make dreams a reality! I also aim to teach these tools to others and create bridges to find the pieces they need to realize their highest path and as a world bridger my passion and love is never ending.

Working closely with the re unification of all aspects ie. (the feminine & Masculine) ,the heart space that he likes to call the heartmind ,in knowing of the realism of that reality that is based in knowing the scientific study that our hearts carry a mind of its own literally and so with the words to describe what he does , through his own journey which he has ventured through with experience.

He has seen much of the varied facets of the dualistic consciousness, he is in the heartmind of a relentless traveller endeavouring in facilitating the unification of the cosmic mind , core source being of heart and the temple of our soul that we live through in our day to day lives in this realm of being.

And in doing so diving into the darkness to find himself so that we may all once again know our selves to the capacity of our creator aspect of self and infinite awareness , at one with our true essence , with guidance through his varied ways of healing methods through the heartmind he offers more than words can express but by experiencing what it is, in service to humanity.

Available Services

  • Light Radiation Therapy
  • Chakra Alignment
  • Light Body Activation
  • Energy Cleansing
  • Tarot
  • Oracle

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